Twisted Liquidz Reviewed

Twisted liquidz

Twisted Liquidz

We were recently contacted by Twisted Liquidz to sample and write an honest review of their current line up of E-Liquids which they describe as “Max VG”  made by using VG based nicotine. They informed us all of their products are made in small batches and are steeped for a minimum of one month before they leave the manufacturing facility. Upon informing them that we would be pleased to review their products and put them to the test, they promptly shipped out their E-Liquids and we received them rather quickly. They arrived neatly packaged, each bottle appearing to be professionally sealed.  When we unsealed each bottle were were rather pleased with the intense aroma that emanated from each bottle and thought the aromas accurately presented themselves as each flavor was described. We decided to test each flavor on a Sigelei Legend with a i-Clear 30s tank and here is what we thought :



Described by Twisted Liquidz as “An icy cold peppermint with a dark, creamy exhale”, we found this to be an accurate description. Each Vape produced a nice thick cloud that reminded us tasting a smooth peppermint candy without it becoming overbearing. We were rather pleased with the vapor production and the after taste was quite smooth and refreshing

.Twisted Liquidz



Wow. Friction was rather impressive we thought, from the aroma, vapor production to the sweet and tangy sensation it left on our palettes after each Vape. Each Vape presented itself with a very pleasant taste of a tangy citrusy flavor. The aftertaste was very pleasing and left us wanting more. We were very pleased with Friction and would definitely recommend trying this flavor to anyone who is a fan of  Citrus flavored E-Liquids.

twisted liquidz




Another win for Twisted Liquidz. Cyclone we felt to be described best as a  very creamy, berry flavored E-Liquid. Again, vapor production was high with this one. We found each Vape had initial intense pleasing burst of berry flavor that quickly turned into a creamy flavor that left a very smooth aftertaste, almost yogurt like.

twisted liquidz



We were unsure what to think with Vortex as it has a pretty interesting taste. Initially we thought it to be a Melon flavor but each Vape left us tasting something a little different. Each Vape had an interesting blend of sweet, sour and bitterness to it. Cloud production was high and the aftertaste had a subtle melon zing to it.

twisted Liquidz


twisted liquidzOverall

We were rather pleased with the flavors offered by Twisted Liquidz and would like to see more flavors from them in the future. Their E-Liquids have a taste of quality and passion to them and the Vapor production they produce is rather impressive. Cyclone and Friction were our top picks and we even found these two flavors blended nicely if you mix them together at a 50/50 mix. We definately recommend trying these flavors to anyone looking for a new brand to test out.


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The Feinger Reviewed

The Feinger
We here at Vape Mod Reviews were given the opportunity to test a highly unique product, a departure from the string of e-juice and mod accessories we have become accustomed to: The Feinger.
At first glance, this neat little product seems to have little relevance to the vape mod world; in fact, the product appears to be firstly marketed towards mobile device users. However, one can see how the The Feinger itself can be “modded” to suit even the casual vape customers needs.Greasy hands or fumbling fingers? Never more! The Feinger prides itself on its ability to provide “Hands Freedom”, allowing you to handle your mod with ease and preventing any disastrous drop-and-break scenarios. By using the Knuckle Sleeve as demonstrated below, you reduce the risk of breaking your beloved device.
 The Feinger offers a variety of uses well beyond the Knuckle Sleeve; an optional lanyard lets you hang your mod around your neck….no more misplacing your vape machine! The uniquely designed Unimount provides even more versatility: the sticker back lets you place a “base” anywhere you’d like your vape mod to call home. Anywhere you can stick the Unimount is anywhere you can house your mod.We admit: this product may not be for everyone. The greatest limitation we have discovered is the lack of versatility beyond “box-style” mods, like the VTR or MVP, as it requires a flat surface for use. We are hopeful that The Feinger will continue to evolve and eventually include integration for other style mods as well.





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