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When we were contacted by Dr. Michael K. Gauthier of Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors with an offer to sample their E-Liquids, we jumped at the chance to try out their line up and offer our review. First impressions revealed a fine-tuned knowledge of the art of e-liquid, as well as dedication to a finely crafted product. They demonstrate motivation and drive to create and provide quality liquids, as expressed in their motto proclaiming their liquids are built with quality from the very beginning. We were excited to receive their latest E-Liquid line and put it to the test.

As a testament to their standards of service, we received their product quickly and without hassle, neatly and safely packaged in the box. E-liquids arrived in glass dropper bottles, which we’ll admit that we dropped a few times to test the quality of construction; they did not break. Their labels are nicely designed and appear to be durable, appealing to the eye and adding to the overall packaging. In sum, packaging and construction nicely done and we couldn’t come up with any complaints in this department.

We were able to sample 8 unique offerings from the Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors e-lqiuid line: Bliss, Chocolate Bacon, Delight, Fortune, Melon-Q, Mirage, Teachers Pet and Vertigo. All flavors were tested on a Sigelei Legend with an i-Clear 30s. We are pleased to share our review! Heres how they held up:



Bliss: Our first impression of Bliss was that it held true to it’s description; this flavor was designed to be an accurate combination of Peach and Watermelon and we were able to distinctively taste both in this liquid. Bliss is a Limited Editionliquid which is takes about 6 weeks to prepare and for which the ingredients are special ordered and imported from Italy. Sweet without being overpowering, we recommend trying it if you have the chance, well worth it in our opinion.

Chocolate Bacon : This was our favorite of all the liquid we were offered, and you could smell the deliciousness as soon as you opened the bottle. Chocolate Bacon starts off with a strong taste of chocolate, eventually blending into a subtle after-tone of bacon. Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors has easily made this trendy treat vapeable! We couldn’t get enough and would definitely recommend to any one looking to try unique or savory flavors.

Delight: We thought Delight is best described as a taste that is an interesting mixture of pear and grape. The Pear flavor in it was very unique and complimentary to the lingering grape

Fortune: . The taste was sweet but not “fragrancy” at all and was very balanced. This liquid was designed to be a Lychee flavor, and in our opinion, they seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this one. Well done Dr. Mikes.

Melon-Q: This was an interesting flavor. It was a combination of sweet fruit juiciness with cucumber, slightly watery taste. This is a flavor that grew on us over time, with our favorite aspect being that it was a very refreshing. A variety of flavors were present and we feel that each palette will have a different experience with this. It is recommended for anyone searching for a refreshing light melon flavor.

Mirage: Mirage has a fresh Apple flavor with plentiful fruitiness to it. The Apple flavor was right where it should be, not too strong and not too light. It kept our mouths watering for more and was very juicy without overpowering the senses. We felt the apple flavor stood out nicely without getting lost in the myriad of background notes.

Teachers Pet: This flavor was a nice strong mix. It had a beautifully crafted flavor of green apple, reminding us of a green apple lollipop without being all of the clenching bitter or sugar. It was a definitely a pleasant experience and if your looking for a candied green apple flavor this flavor is worth a try.

Vertigo: Vertigo gave us a surprise, as it is better than your “Average” vanilla flavored e-liquid. It was a a smooth experience that produced thick and smooth vapor. Add to this the lingering background notes of marshmellow and caramel, and this is a winner. This flavor was very creamy, sweet, milky and soft to our taste buds. If you like Vanilla, this flavor is definitely recommended.


Overall, we had a very pleasant experience sampling Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid. They were quick to respond to us, shipping was fast and their products represented the flavors they described very accurately. We did not taste an e-liquid that we did not like and have now even found a few that we would consider keeping as daily vapes. Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors follows through on their quest to produce and distribute quality products; we would recommend Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors to anyone shopping around for new E-Liquids to try.


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