Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors; Dragon and Fury, Reviewed

Dr. Mikes Rad Vapors

We were recently contacted by Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors informing us that they had recently released two new flavors to the market; Dragon and Fury, and were given the opportunity to try these liquids and offer up our review. Since we recently had the opportunity to test their brand in May, and were rather impressed with their line up in liquids , we were pretty excited to see what they had new to offer and whether or not they would stay true to their motto in wanting to produce nothing but high quality E-Liquids, which they make from 100% USP Food grade kosher and  99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We tested both blends on a KTS Mechanical Mod with an X8 Atomizer  over the course of several days, here is what we thought of their new flavors:




We thought Dragon was very well done. With an interesting taste of what we thought to be a very fresh tasting Kiwi, Pear and a Grape flavor , Dragon was like a sucking on a multi flavored jolly rancher with a smooth creamy after taste. Vapor production was mellow and smooth with just the right amount of a throat hit to it. This was a very fresh an interesting Vape and was unlike any other Liquid we have had the opportunity to test thus far.


Fury is described as a Banana cream flavor and we thought it accurately described. Dr. Mikes sets the bar high for anyone trying to replicate the flavor of a Banana Milk shake in an E-Liquid with their launch of Fury. Each Vape to us started out with a smooth creamy taste of a Banana Milk shake which seemed to intensify mid Vape, only to smooth itself back out with the after taste. Fury is  sweet, smooth and creamy, all at the same time without becoming over bearing and we think will definitely impress anyone who is looking for a new and interesting flavor to try.



 [quote_box_center]Overall we were very pleased with the samples we were sent. They were shipped rather quickly, neatly packaged and accurately described. Every experience with Dr Mike’s Rad Vapors, to date, has been very pleasant and we have been unable to find any complaint with their customer service or products. We are extremely confident in recommending this company to anyone in the market for high quality E-Liquids. Great Job Dr. Mike’s, keep them coming.[/quote_box_center]

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