The AR Vape Mod

ar vape mod

ar vape mod

The AR

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”4″]The AR Vape Mod is one of the newest and most innovative Vape Mods to hit the market.[/wpsm_quote]Designed by TAC MODS to be a replica of the AR15 barrel, the AR has a a very unique and distinctive look to it. The original AR is made using solid stainless steel and has six vent holes on each of its four sides which assists in keeping the battery cool as well as contributing to its stylish looks. The Original AR is proudly manufactured in the United States.

When you first hold the AR, the first thing you will notice is its solid and firm construction. It fits nicely in your hand, and we feel it is perfect for your every day Vape as it it lives up to it’s name and design. The overall construction of the AR Vape Mod is very solid and durable. The top cap of the AR is 22mm and fits perfectly with most atomizers on the market today. Its current designed only permits the use of an 18650 battery, which may be a downside for some, but for those who are already used to using an 18650 for everyday use we feel this will make a perfect fit to your collection. It’s copper contacts ensure quality and long lasting firing. It has a recessed 510 connector and magnetic switch. We were very pleased with the AR and thought it was well crafted.Overall we feel the AR is a beautifully crafted Mod. Its solid and well built. Its unique design and construction make this Mod a must have for any beginner or veteran Vapers looking for a high quality Mod. The quality of the design and materials makes this an excellent  choice that you will not be disappointed with making. If your having difficulty finding the original and want to save a little money there are many cloned versions on the market today and they may be worth considering.

The StingRay Mechanical Mod

stingray vape mod

StingRay and a Doge RDAThe StingRay Mechanical Mod

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”34%”]Pictured above is the Black Copper Stingray Mechanical Mod, a widely popular Vape Mod that is sweeping the Vape industry. [/wpsm_quote]This latest StingRay has a signature StingRay logo that is placed on the tube and the body of this device is made with brass with a durable coating, and the threaded locking ring is adjustable and reversible. The button firing switch can be modified and the top and bottom cap of this product is glossy and it has a spring button.

The StingRay can be considered as  innovative, partly because of its  unique features and styling. With its beautiful style and design, it allows you to use various tubes for various styles, enabling you to configure it for your daily needs. It features a well constructed  bottom and top locking ring. The original is made with copper and a durable black coating.

This Mechanical Mod has an incredible design and brass parts which make it stand out above the rest. The brass materials within the device were designed with quality and wanting to design a product with a longer lifespan in mind. You shouldn’t have a problem regarding the push button on the StingRay as we found it was very difficult to make it stick. This device worked flawlessly and this mod is easy and quick to set up and it will be perfect to those people who are just starting to Vape. For those expert vapers, we feel  this mod will also be perfect for you and you will be pleased with its looks, feel and construction as it stands apart from some of the other Mods we have seen on the market. It has a feeling of quality and when paired with other brass tanks and atomizers, the design really comes together. The StingRay, we feel, will be perfect for you and will fit according to your daily lifestyle, whether it be for short term compact use or those busy days where you don’t have time to recharge and need a longer battery life.

The original Stingray can be hard to find but for a little lesss money, we found several clones that live up to its standards.

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check It Out” price=”$39.95″ title=”StingRay Styled Mechanical Vape Mod” description=”Check out this StingRay Styled Mod from Amazon. Comes with with 3 Interchangeable Tubes , Drip Tip , and a Carrying Case.” thumb=”” ]

The Bottom Line

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]We here at Vape Mod Reviews feel that this mod will be good for both beginners and advanced vapers alike. It has all the features that a Mechanical Mod should have to offer and you can find The StingRay in a variety of  designs so if you don’t like using brass in your mod, you can most likely find one to fit your desired taste. It has a beautiful appearance and with its black and copper combination and this Mod looks really good and pleasing to the eye making it  sure to become a conversation starter. Additionally, the button and locking ring fits perfectly so you will not have problem in setting this up or any sticking problem. It offers a high quality performance and looks really stylish with its unique  logo engraved in it and the parts are well designed.[/wpsm_highlight]


The original Stingray can be hard to find but for a little lesss money, we found several clones that live up to its standards.If your interested in the Original, you can inquire by contacting it’s manufacturer, JD Tech by clicking Here 




The Caravela Mod

caravella mod

caravella mod

Caravela Mod – What Makes The Caravela such an Excellent Mod

With the continuous technological innovation, people are given every chance to make their lives easier with the most advanced tools and products being recently introduced. Even the way people Vape  is ever evolving with all the different types and styles of Mods that have begun to hit the market. One of the newest, sleekest and most elegantly sought after Mechanical Mods out right now is known as the Caravela Mod.

The Caravela Mod is a new device that has been proudly created in Portugal by Pedro Carvalho. It is an attractive looking Mechanical Mod that will surely allure those looking for a sleek and classy looking Vape . This gorgeous Caravela mod comes with the trademark “ship” logo on its 100 percent brass body. Each of the original Caravela devices comes with its very own distinctive serial number. The product becomes really an eye-catcher through its fully brass body tunes, stainless steel button casing, brass locking ring, brass top atomizer cap, and button made of stainless steel.

Furthermore, every battery tube found on the Caravela mod contains the original signature of Caravela that is laser etched on its back. You can find the device to be available in 3-full size battery tubes. This Caravela piece is surely the mod everyone has been looking and waiting for. Its gorgeousness and authenticity make the product worth the price.


The Caravelas excellent features

The Caravela Mod has a lot of features to boast for anyone looking for one of the leading Mechanical Mods on the market today. Vapers in the market for a new Mechanical Mod might find it hard to ignore the Caravela when narrowing down their options due to its excellent functionality, sleek styling and quality features. Some of the Caravelas great features  include the following:

[wpsm_list type=”star”]

  • The product features the signature ship logo of Caravela on all three battery tubes.
  • On the stainless steel button, you will also find the signature “C” logo of Caravela.
  • On all three battery tubes, you will find the signature Caravela Logo.
  • On the button housing made of stainless steel, you will find a unique Serial Number of the product.
  • The Caravela can be found with a 100 percent stainless or brass seamless 18500 main body tube
  • 100 percent stainless or brass seamless 18650 main body tube
  • Silver-coated negative and positive contact pins
  • 100 percent stainless or brass locking ring or top atomizer cap
  • Spring and internal button switch
  • The Caravela features a reverse threaded locking ring.
  • The device is supported by the recessed 510 atomizer connection along with the adjustable 510 contact pin that comes provided with black Delrin.
  • Its external diameter may range up to 22 mm.


 Our Conclusion

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]All in all, Caravela device is a great choice for a mechanical mod. With its excellent features and functionality, we feel owners of this Mod will be proud to own a high quality classy looking Mechanical Mod . We found the clones to be comparable in quality and they may be worth considering to anyone who is looking to save a little money.[/wpsm_highlight]


If your interested in the original, you can contact the manufacturer by clicking here for more information

The Penny Copper Mod

penny copper mod

penny copper mod

Penny Copper Mod Review

Are you someone who has been searching  for a high quality copper mod? Well Look no further. The Penny Copper Mod is one-third pound that is built in pure copper. In line with this, Penny Copper Mod has excellent dual telescopic adjustable connector. The first adjustable connector is intended for the top end and the second adjustable connector is for the battery end. With Penny Copper Mod, you can also expect copper conductivity and voltage regulation. Just holding the Penny Copper Mod, you get a sense f quality. It fits nicely in your hand and is polished to a brilliant shine. The Penny Copper Mod is smooth and we were unable to find any imperfections within the body of the tube.

Since Penny Copper Mod is built in full copper, you can also rest assured that your Mod will last you awhile without issues or corrosion. The Penny Copper Mod is proudly made in  The United States of America with full copper body that is creatively designed and developed for ultimate conductivity. Most owners of the Penny Copper Mod are amazed and happy with the great results that this Mod delivers. Because of its beautiful body and style, you have many possibilities with designing a beautiful setup.


Features of Penny Copper Mod

The Original Penny Copper Mod has copper contacts ensuring a longer life. It comes with Delrin insulation and a adjustable centerpin. The Original Penny Copper Mod has an engraving of a penny logo on the firing button. Its beefy threading ensures your fittings will sit tight and also prevent cross threading. Some users will love the simplicity of this Mechanical Mod as there is no circuit board you have to worry about.

 [wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • Penny Copper Mod is made with full copper wherein it has the ability to provide super conductivity
  • Penny Copper Mod comes with excellent features and benefits and this is one of the reasons why most users of this product really love to use this copper mod
  • Penny Copper Mod is recognized as one of the most elite copper mods on the market today
  • Penny Copper Mod is widely available online and in most Vape stores. Users can easily seek out this Mod and veteran Vapers will easily recognize this high quality device, making it an easy conversation piece.

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • The Original Penny Copper Mod, we feel, can be quite pricey, but in our opinion it’s well worth it.
  • Penny Copper Mod as it may require some technical knowledge


Our Take

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]For those individuals who are looking for the excellent copper mod, the Penny Copper Mod is one of the best choices . The manufacturer of the Penny Copper Mod set forth in designing and manufacturing a high quality copper Mod, and in our opinion, hit the mark . By deciding to invest in the  Penny Copper Mod you can rest assured that this product is worth paying for and we feel you are definitely getting you moneys worth for a high quality Copper Mechanical Mod that is sure to last..[/wpsm_highlight]


The Panzer

panzer mod

panzer mod

Meet The Panzer

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”5″]The Panzer is a high quality, durable Mod originally made by the MCV in the Philippines. The design of this product is inspired by tank during the World War II with its unique design, this product is quickly becoming very popular.[/wpsm_quote]The Panzer Mod has been made into various clones by different companies and it comes with various colours. It has a flush and spring-loaded firing switch for its base and the locking ring of it has a reverse threaded with engravings. You will find a copper plated battery contacts in the inside body of the mod and a 510 core pin which is floating. The case of this device has various tubes that can be used in multiple batteries such as the 18650, 18350 and the 18500.

A lot of companies have made clones out of this device and like its original, this clone has special features like its construction is made by stainless steel, tubes that is interchangeable, batteries that is fit with 18650, 18350 and the 18500, a top made by copper and a bottom pins. The top cap is imprinted with the logo of the Panzer MCV and at the top of the device is a hazard logo. Not to mention that this clone has a serial number carved on it and a mask with a brass firing button and the body of the device has a vent holes.

This device is originally made by MCV or the Masterpiece Custom Vapes. A latest mechanical mod made by the MCV. The design of this device and quality of this device is that same to the tank during the German WW II. The MCV made this device more practical with is modular design and up-to-date than a simple telescopic mod. This is a flexible device made with solid constructions and a strong hitting mod. The features of this latest device includes a modular style and tubes that is interchangeable, can configure batteries such as 2×18350, 18490, 18350, 18500 and 18650; a floating pins which is telescopic; a soft and easy locking mechanism in the copper firing pin; and the top cap gear is very safe.


[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check It Out ” price=”$41.36″ title=”BlackHawk Panzer Clone in Gun Metal  ” description=”Check out the Gun Metal Black Hawk Clone on Amazon” thumb=”” ]


Our Verdict

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]Panzer Mod offers an exceptional quality mod with its beautiful engraving and rugged looks. We feel it is a high quality device and easy to use. It has a great button locking mechanism . The Panzer Mod has regular brass intergrated into its design ensuring its parts were designed with a long life in mind. It can function with different battery sizes and it performs excellently.  It has a pretty engraving with its practical modular design and it has a high quality performance. While the original can be difficult to come across as they are in such high demand, we found many clones that were very comparable to the original.[/wpsm_highlight]


[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”″ button_text=”Check It Out ” price=”$42.50″ title=”Panzer Clone” description=” Check out the Panzer Clone on FastTech ” thumb=”” ]

The Manhattan Mod

manhattan mod

manhattan mod

Manhattan Mod Review

 There are a lot of various Mechanical Mods on the market today and you can quickly become  confused as to which one to choose and buy. If you are looking for a firm hitting optimal mod, look no further. The Manhattan is a sleek and classy looking Mechanical Mod that is quickly hitting Vape stores around the world. This is the Manhattan mod from AmeraVape which is proudly made in the USAand the Original Manhattan can be found in a variety of colors including Black, Flat Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Army Green and White.

Coming in different colors to choose from, each of the Manhattan mods undergoes  rigorous inspection to each and every part of it to ensure beauty, durability and optimal functionality for users. According to its manufacturer, AmeraVape, they have spent almost a year just to excellently develop this Manhattan mod. As they want to impress and satisfy the Vapers of today, they have really focused and planned the intricate details of the device.


Specifications of Manhattan Mod

[wpsm_list type=”star”]

  • Aluminum button and top cap
  • Aluminum body
  • Derlin Isolator
  • Brass Firing Button
  • This Manhattan mod measures to almost one inch in diameter and standing in a 3 ¼ tall
  • The mod is designed with thick walls for additional electrical conductivity and durability
  • It includes a powerful magnet button along with a built-in fail secured to make certain that the mod will not fail ‘On’
  • Each part of the Manhattan mod can be re-ordered individually



We have read and watched many positive reviews of this device and are pleased to be added to this list. We found the Manhattan to be well made and designed. Its body is smoothly polished and has a sleek look to it. It fits nicely with most tanks on the market and pairs nicely.

The Nemesis Vape Mod

nemesis mod

nemesis mod

The Nemesis Mechanical Mod 

The Nemesis Vape Mod is one of the latest Mechanical Mods out right now  that are high in demand in which any veteran cloud chaser is familiar with. The Nemesis is designed using stainless steel and can be found offering three different sized battery tubes  to accommodate different sizes of battery to meet your daily needs, whether it be for short term or long term Vaping. Laser etched type of graving in the product is also present with its individualized logos and serial numbers while the button at the bottom part has its different types of switch. This is primarily used to effortlessly fire as well as maintain a relaxed grip of the product in your hands. When you opt to lock its firing button, its vent holes for battery are all concealed and the cap ring on the top part allows the product to have an adjustable flow of air for its maximum efficiency.

Reliable Features of Nemesis Mod

Some of the high quality and reliable features that the Nemesis includes:

[wpsm_list type=”star”]

  • Stainless Steel and Solid Body
  • Individualized Numbering
  • Silver Plated Type of Firing Pin
  • Adjustable and Convenient Air Flow Having
  • Control Rings
  • Threaded Connector at About 510
  • Extension Tubes Intended For Different Sizes of Battery
  • Firing Button With Lock Feature
  • Laser Etched Type of Engraving
  • Adjustable and Silver Plated Type of Contacts


The Design of the Nemesis Mod

The design of the Nemesis Mod is primarily made by Atmomixani in Greece. Its design has beautiful with adjustable tube and mechanical vape mod features highlighting silver plated type of contact posts, controller of air flow, extension tube and gorgeous laster type of etched inlay with its serial numbers. This Nemesis Mod can accommodate 18350, 18490 and even 18650 batteries.If you are going to vape with the use of 18350 batteries, this Nemesis Mod will nearly and conveniently disappear in your hand making the product truly a beautiful and convenient work of art with endless possibilities for combinations


We found little complaints with The Nemesis. Its design is smooth looking and fits nicely in your hand. The functionality of different tube sizes is something we like to see in a Mod. Its materials were tough and durable. We dropped it a few times and were pleased with it as it is very tough in our opinion and dosnt scratch or dent easy. If you are looking for a high quality, durable Mod, the Nemesis is worth checking out.




The Pegasus Copper Mod

pegasus copper mod

pegasus copper mod

The Pegasus Mod solid copper

Vape Mods are one of the modern devices that are fastly growing around the world today.  One of the best brands of this product in the online nowadays is the Pegasus Mod. This Mod we found to be an excellent choice for anyone shopping around for a clean, smooth cut Mod. It is beautifully crafted and theres a feeling a quality to it from the minute you pick it up. We found the construction to have a strong sense of pride and quality to it.

What People Are Saying  About The Pegasus Mod ?

Many people around the globe have tried and tested this Mod. Most of the reviews we have read on the Pegasus have been pleasurable experiences. We have come to the same conclusion. The Original Pegasus can be somewhat difficult to locate, which we feel is a testament of its quality . The original is made of 100% solid copper which ensures this Mod will deliver a long lifespan with high quality.

Product Features


  • 18650 Tube Size – the size of the tube of this product is already sufficient enough to make the daily Vaping experience of a person more satisfying and relaxing every day.
  • Reverse Threaded Locking Ring – this serves as the main security feature of the product. It can help people to keep their personal Pegasus Copper Mod
    unusable for other people particularly to children.
  • Floating Top-in – this makes the Mod easier to use. It comes with an adjustable screw that can be used to control battery rattle.
  • Magnetic Button – it’s safe to use the product because of the presence of a magnetic starter in its innovative design. This feature simply makes the product more competitive and reliable to use at all times.



Pegasus Copper Mod is an Vape Mod for anyone currently in the market for a beautifully crafted Cooper Mechanical Mod and whether a first time Vaper or veteran, this Mod is sure to please .


Vanilla Copper Mod

vanilla copper mod

vanilla copper mod

A Comprehensive Review of the Vanilla Copper Mod

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”5″]The Vanilla Copper Mod can be considered one of the most popular and most beautifully crafted Mechanical Copper Mods we have seen so far this year. We were very impressed with the beauty of this Mod and were pleased to review it[/wpsm_quote]
The design of the Vanilla Copper Mod is one of refined quality. It has solid copper tubes with top caps and brass bottom as well as copper contacts ensuring a longer lifespan then most Mechanical Mods that are being produced today. The threads on the Vanilla Copper Mod durable and, we found, hard to cross thread. The body of the tube is smooth and almost flawless with a brilliant shine to it.Due to its solid quality, nice engraving and smooth threads, you can be sure that Vanilla Copper Mod is the an excellent choice to consider we feel when shopping for a high quality copper Mod.

If you are one of those people who are searching for the elite copper mod, you don’t need to look any further since Vanilla Copper Mod is the ultimate choice that you should take into account. In line with this, Vanilla Copper Mod  comes with different sizes of tubes and at the same time ships from the United States of America. In order for you to be familiar with Vanilla Copper Mod, here are some of the exceptional features of Vanilla Copper Mod that you should know and learn more about. Check this out:

Features of Vanilla Copper Mod

[wpsm_list type=”star”]

  • Features an engraved switch and is serialized
  • Adjustable throw button with lock ring
  • Copper pins with excellent telescoping firing pin
  • 22mm diameter
  • 18350 and 18650 tubes
  • Bottom caps and brass top with copper contacts
  • Copper body




[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]If you are looking for a high quality Copper Mod, the Vanilla is worth considering. We found the Vanilla Copper Mod to be sleek, durable and that it performed well. It’s beautiful design is very aesthetically pleasing and its design and diameter makes it easy to hold. We feel that anyone purchasing the Vanilla Copper Mod will not be disappointed with their decision.[/wpsm_highlight]

[wpsm_offerbox button_link=”” button_text=”Check It Out ” price=”$29.99″ title=”Looking For an RBA for your Copper Mod ” description=”Check out the Plume Veil RBA on Amazon ” thumb=”” ]


Smok Magneto Mechanical Mod

smok magneto mod

smok magneto mod

TheSmok Magneto Mod and Its Amazing Functionality


[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”34%”]The Smok Magneto Mod has become one of the most preferred Mechanical Mods for its price on the market.[/wpsm_quote] The mod is designed with very sturdy structure, while containing some excellent brass link for RBAs as well as other tanks. To those people, who are looking for a long lasting, strong and affordable mechanical mod, this product from Smoktech is certainly a great choice.


Features of the Magneto

The Magneto apparently acquires its name from the integrated magnetic activation switch that is located at the device’s bottom. This concept is pretty simple. You need to put 2 strong magnets with equal polarities facing each other, so the typical switch’s position will separate the contacts.

Consequently, you will obtain the amazingly smooth button operation, which you simply don’t get from the spring-loaded switch. Such button is sufficiently stiff to avoid unintentionally firing through putting the mod vertically. The reverse-threaded collar is surrounding the button for avoiding accidental misfiring. At first, it is a bit counterintuitive, having loosed the collar to propel it up and allow the button along with the typical tightening coil to bring down the collar on the button.

Of course, this prevents you from opening accentually its switch assembly if all you are trying to do is to activate it. To access the components of the switch, the bottom part unscrews.

[wpsm_list type=”star”]

  • The body of the product comes with brushed stainless steel finish.
  • It comes with completely magnetic switch bottom firing button, which provides longer life compared to spring-loaded switches
  • Its 510 threaded with air portals provide compatibility with flush-sitting tanks
  • For better firing and conductivity, brass connections are provided
  • The telescoping body fits 18650, 18500 and 18350 LiMh batteries
  • It also comes with 18500 and 18350 flat top batteries. It fits with several different sizes of battery due to the included extender sleeve



Rather than removing the device’s switch assembly to reach the battery, either the telescoping cap on the bottom or top cap may be unscrewed to access the battery tube. The telescopic center tube enables the Magneto to hold several sizes of battery.

Using the Smok Magneto Mod has been quite low maintenance and straight-forward. You will find this mod very pleasant and easy to use. Perhaps, it is not as attractive as other expensive pieces, but its no-frills design and simplicity are the main reasons why you would want to keep using this device. So, if you are planning to purchase your very first mechanical, or simply looking for an affordable device that really works, you might find it hard to ignore the excellence of Smok Magneto Mod. Check it out now and see what others are talking about it.