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Caravela Mod – What Makes The Caravela such an Excellent Mod

With the continuous technological innovation, people are given every chance to make their lives easier with the most advanced tools and products being recently introduced. Even the way people Vape  is ever evolving with all the different types and styles of Mods that have begun to hit the market. One of the newest, sleekest and most elegantly sought after Mechanical Mods out right now is known as the Caravela Mod.

The Caravela Mod is a new device that has been proudly created in Portugal by Pedro Carvalho. It is an attractive looking Mechanical Mod that will surely allure those looking for a sleek and classy looking Vape . This gorgeous Caravela mod comes with the trademark “ship” logo on its 100 percent brass body. Each of the original Caravela devices comes with its very own distinctive serial number. The product becomes really an eye-catcher through its fully brass body tunes, stainless steel button casing, brass locking ring, brass top atomizer cap, and button made of stainless steel.

Furthermore, every battery tube found on the Caravela mod contains the original signature of Caravela that is laser etched on its back. You can find the device to be available in 3-full size battery tubes. This Caravela piece is surely the mod everyone has been looking and waiting for. Its gorgeousness and authenticity make the product worth the price.


The Caravelas excellent features

The Caravela Mod has a lot of features to boast for anyone looking for one of the leading Mechanical Mods on the market today. Vapers in the market for a new Mechanical Mod might find it hard to ignore the Caravela when narrowing down their options due to its excellent functionality, sleek styling and quality features. Some of the Caravelas great features  include the following:

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  • The product features the signature ship logo of Caravela on all three battery tubes.
  • On the stainless steel button, you will also find the signature “C” logo of Caravela.
  • On all three battery tubes, you will find the signature Caravela Logo.
  • On the button housing made of stainless steel, you will find a unique Serial Number of the product.
  • The Caravela can be found with a 100 percent stainless or brass seamless 18500 main body tube
  • 100 percent stainless or brass seamless 18650 main body tube
  • Silver-coated negative and positive contact pins
  • 100 percent stainless or brass locking ring or top atomizer cap
  • Spring and internal button switch
  • The Caravela features a reverse threaded locking ring.
  • The device is supported by the recessed 510 atomizer connection along with the adjustable 510 contact pin that comes provided with black Delrin.
  • Its external diameter may range up to 22 mm.


 Our Conclusion

[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]All in all, Caravela device is a great choice for a mechanical mod. With its excellent features and functionality, we feel owners of this Mod will be proud to own a high quality classy looking Mechanical Mod . We found the clones to be comparable in quality and they may be worth considering to anyone who is looking to save a little money.[/wpsm_highlight]


If your interested in the original, you can contact the manufacturer by clicking here for more information

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