Hana Modz V3


Hana Modz v3

What a Mod ! Built with quality components, this Hana Modz v3 features a controlled battery pack, which means you can control the wattage and  for better repeatability and consistency. It includes buttons for different functions, an OLED display and synchronous refinement for minimal generation of heat and maximum life of battery. It comes with DNA charger powered by a micro USB which provides charge current of 500milliamp. Here are the features of Hana Modz v3:

  • Ohms display. Voltage supplied into the atomizer
  • Volts diplay. Shows voltage supplied into the atomizer
  • Battery indicator. Shows the current charge state of battery
  • Check battery. This mod features a display screen either at the right or left corner which will help you monitor your mod’s battery life, wattage or voltage and the build’s ohm resistance. This is very convenient most especially if you are vaping the mod with your right or left hand, and you want to see the state of your battery, you can easily see it
  • Locked mode. This will lock the device
  • Stealth mode. Display screen is off.

We were able to pick up a Hana Modz V3 to test. Our first impression of this Mod was how sleek, smooth and durable it felt compared to other Mods we have tested. Its appearance and construct, we felt, was extremely innovative. From first impressions we immediately got the sense that Hana Modz is here to stay.

So if you are searching for a mod that will give you the optimal hitting functionality, then look for this Hana Modz v3 now. It is now available in the market for purchase or for ordering. However, be aware to only buy the device from your most trusted retailer. As Vape Mods are quickly becoming viral today, it is not surprising that there are many clone retailers who manufacture cloned versions of this device.


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