Naked Fish Vape Juice Review

naked-logoYear Established: 2015
Webiste: Naked Fish
Size: 40ml Aluminum bottle
Strengths: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg

Naked Fish vape juice is a premium dripping eJuice.  The names, as you probably already figured out, are all fish based.  They are very high quality and come in a great looking aluminum bottle with a dripper.  Naked Fish use USP Kosher Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.  The nicotine is NicSelect™ Nicotine (from an FDA inspected facility) and are all flavored without the use of diacetyl or diacetyl byproducts.

Naked Fish has built a great set of a nice line of solid flavors – that taste great and build solid vape clouds.  Naked Fish vape juice is made in the USA.


Image of Naked Fish Vape Juice bottles

Review Section – Naked Fish Vape Juice

naked_fish_great_white_01Great White

Fresh and slightly tart key lime pie with a hint of custard, all in a crispy graham cracker crust.
PG/VG:  16/84

Great White starts out with a taste of toasted graham cracker.  At first it almost overpowers the other flavors – and that is when you get your first taste of lime.  And it is sweet, but not over the top.  The exhale is where you will start to get a lick of the custard.

With a mild throat hit and a very solid vapor cloud – this is a great all day option for those who like a good sweet vape.


naked_fish_stingray_01Sting Ray

Sweet berries and peanut butter with a touch of vanilla results in a buttery smooth nutty juice blend.
PG/VG: 32/68

I can’t put my finger on what about this ejuice I like the most.  Some other peanut butter juices I have tried seem so strong – but Sting Ray is just the right amount of nutty taste.  At first – you are not sure if you taste the peanut butter or the vanilla – but then it becomes clear that it is the nuts.  Then, the vanilla overtones come in.  The berries are very subtle and are by no means sweet or overpowering like some berry juices can – Naked Fish gets that combo right here.

The throat hit is bigger than Great White, but not a serious bite.  And still throws a good cloud.



A decadent explosion of vanilla custard swirled together with tasty whipped cream.
PG/VG: 17/83

This is a very smooth ejuice which will probably be considered by some as a desert juice, but I don’t think it is too sweet to go all day.  The vanilla wrapped with custard is the big taste and it really just tastes smooth.  Almost like a quality cheesecake.  It just hangs on your taste buds.  The exhale is where you get a solid taste of the whipped cream – just where you are looking for it.

This is an obvious choice for mods – a juice which produces big vapor clouds for all your coolest tricks and cloud wars.  The throat hit is mild.



A fruity cereal and light vanilla cream blend that is as complex as it is delicious.
PG/VG: 29/71

When I was a kid, my mom used to buy rear cream from a dairy to bake with…when she would get done, she would let me use what was left on my cereal.  Wahoo gives me that feeling again – a big bowl of lucky charms sitting in a great vanilla cream.  The first pull is all about the cereal taste – and when I read there was a cereal juice, I thought it was sketchy.  But this is legit – this vape juice has a very complex taste.  It pulls off the sweet taste by bringing int he cereal taste – and the exhale brings you to the cream you are waiting for.

With a medium throat hit – the clouds may not be as big as Great White or Piranha, but this is a solid eliquid which can stay in the regular rotation.


Honeydew and a variety of other sweet fruits in a tropical medley that dances on your tongue.
PG/VG: 30/70

I get worried when people say they have a melon flavored ejuice, because many brands have one…but Naked Fish has a GOOD one.  If you can tell melon from honeydew, then please leave this one to the rest of us.  The first hit is all Honeydew, not melon…but a nice fresh, green honeydew.  The exhale brings in all the other fruit tastes, but not in a strong way – a softer way.  It is very nice – and again, keeps the super sweet edge off.

The throat hit may be one of the biggest int he Naked Fish line – but it is not too bad over all.  With a solid VG percentage – the cloud is big and rolls on.

Images of Naked Fish Vape Juice bottles with droppers

Space Jam Vape Juice Review

When you choose a name like Space Jam, you either hit it out of the park…or go down in a blaze of glory.  For Space Jam – its the former.  Space Jam has come out firing with unique names and unique flavors.  The names many be fun and funky – but the quality of the eJuice is amazing.

bradn-space-jamSpace Jam Profile

Date Established: 2012
Southern California
Space Jam eLiquid is high quality juice – developed in a GMP and ISO certified laboratory.  Since its beginning, they have built complex flavor profiles unique in the industry.

Size: Space Jam e-liquid comes in 15ml/30ml bottles.
Strengths: Full-range (0mg – 24mg)
PG/VG Options: Mixes vary based on flavors – 40/60 to 50/50



Space Jam E-Juice Flavors:


The one tobacco blend Space Jam has, everyone needs one and it works.  I mean – who mixes vanilla with tobacco?  These guys.  The inhale brings the tobacco flavor and the after taste is where the vanilla lies.  A good mix, but not a hard core tobacco mix.


Venus bucks the “fruit” trend for the 2nd time.  You will not believe the taste – a blend of “golden roasted marshmallows infused with peanut butter, drizzled with caramel and hints of cream.”  Yea – that is straight from Space Jam.  So – what doe sit really taste like?  Its wild – I mean, its an ejuice…but you can really taste this layered flavor.  The peanut butter is the biggest portion – which leads you to the caramel cream.  Some may call this a desert eliquid – but it is not too much for all day use.


Sometimes in vaping, mint means menthol.  This is really mint.  How you can mix watermelon, bubblegum and mint…and make it not taste bad, I’m not sure.  But, I can tell you Space Jam did it with Pluto.  Its so smooth, yet refreshing – with a real hint of mint.  Lots of watermelon and then you get a whiff bubblegum and when its all over – a very subtle mint.


Fresh strawberries with champagne – a morning blend of sports.  This is a simple blend – but so right on.  AS with other Space Jam vape liquids, nothing tastes artificial.  A very nice strawberry taste followed by a refreshing tingle of champagne.  I’m not exactly sure how they pull off the champagne taste – but it works.


So the first thing you need to know is Omega is peachy.  Not your peach candy taste – but more of a full peach pie with ice cream feel.  The peach is dominant in the inhale and the exhale is vanilla.  The only difference between this ejuice and ice cream is this one is less sweet, but so good.


The eJuice that started it for Space Jam.  There is a bunch of pomegranate “blends” on the market – but this mix of blueberries and pomegranate is so good.  The right mix of flavors, without the edge of some of those over flavored, candy tasting juices – this is very smooth.  You get the blueberry on the inhale and cream and pomegranate on the outflow.


Everyone has an apple blend – but I am not sure anyone as thought to bring in peach and strawberries too.  This is a cornucopia of fruit flavor.  This has to be in the top 3 of apple blends you can buy.  The apple is present on the inhale and the peach and strawberry follows.

Hana Modz V3


Hana Modz v3

What a Mod ! Built with quality components, this Hana Modz v3 features a controlled battery pack, which means you can control the wattage and  for better repeatability and consistency. It includes buttons for different functions, an OLED display and synchronous refinement for minimal generation of heat and maximum life of battery. It comes with DNA charger powered by a micro USB which provides charge current of 500milliamp. Here are the features of Hana Modz v3:

  • Ohms display. Voltage supplied into the atomizer
  • Volts diplay. Shows voltage supplied into the atomizer
  • Battery indicator. Shows the current charge state of battery
  • Check battery. This mod features a display screen either at the right or left corner which will help you monitor your mod’s battery life, wattage or voltage and the build’s ohm resistance. This is very convenient most especially if you are vaping the mod with your right or left hand, and you want to see the state of your battery, you can easily see it
  • Locked mode. This will lock the device
  • Stealth mode. Display screen is off.

We were able to pick up a Hana Modz V3 to test. Our first impression of this Mod was how sleek, smooth and durable it felt compared to other Mods we have tested. Its appearance and construct, we felt, was extremely innovative. From first impressions we immediately got the sense that Hana Modz is here to stay.

So if you are searching for a mod that will give you the optimal hitting functionality, then look for this Hana Modz v3 now. It is now available in the market for purchase or for ordering. However, be aware to only buy the device from your most trusted retailer. As Vape Mods are quickly becoming viral today, it is not surprising that there are many clone retailers who manufacture cloned versions of this device.


The Tantra by Chillum

Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod

The Tantra by Chillum


Tantra Chillum Vapor

We were recently contacted by Chillum Vapors in Huntington Beach California with interest in having their newest Mod, The Tantra reviewed. Honestly, with Mech Mods seeming to fade away these days we weren’t sure what to expect. It seems like Box Mods are starting to hit the market hard and noticed people seemed to be steering away from unregulated devices. We spoke briefly with them and they told us that they have had a highly skilled staff that has experience in the aerospace and automotive industries hard at work developing the Tantra to provide “The Ultimate Vaping Experience”. They stated that some of their teams past projects included working on projects for SpaceX, Yamaha and Kawasaki and that along with the Tantra they have an RDA and Box Mod in development. This caught our attention and we began to get excited to see what they had to offer.


From the time we first were contacted, Chillum Vapors stayed in constant contact with us. They seemed dedicated and eager to get their product out and were confident that we would be pleased with the Tantra. They shipped the Tantra to us rather quickly and provided us with a tracking number. This is important to us as we feel a solid company should be dedicated to customer service. Within three days time we had the Tantra to our office on the East Coast from Huntington Beach California.


We were rather impressed with the packaging the Tantra came in. It came in, what we felt to be, a high quality wooden box with their logo on the top. The feel of the material of  the box it comes in was similar to that of Apple products. Another plus for Chillum. We feel the box makes an excellent show case for their Mod and would look great showcasing it in stores for retailers as well as  personal displays.

The 304 Stainless Steel Tantra


Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod Vent HoleSo once we got it out of the box our initial impression was WOW. Very solid and clean cut. We looked it over and couldn’t find any imperfection in the 304 Stainless Steel. It has a very smooth shine to it and is very sleek looking. We noticed one of things that separate The Tantra from other Mech Mods out is that they moved the Vent Hole to the top cap so it wouldn’t obstruct the firing pin. Another innovative aspect of the Tantra is its Wafer Spring system. Using a Wafer spring you’re able to conduct electricity through the spring when you hit the firing button helping them hit a .19 voltage drop with The Tantra. The spring fits nice and we didn’t worry at all with it sticking. It a has a short throw distance on the firing  button which has a one pound pressure resistance to it which is very nice and easy to use. Each Tantra comes engraved with a unique and individual serial number engraved on it with a certificate of authenticity.


Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod-Comes in three versions : 304 SS, Naval Brass, Two Tone

-Fully Adjustable Copper or Naval Brass Contacts

-One Twist Locking Mechanism

-Vent Hole For Safety

-One Pound Pressure Firing Button

-Wafer or Disc Spring Technology

-Lifetime Premium Warranty

-Low Voltage Drop

-Very affordable for the Quality ($130-170)

What we didn’t like about the Tantra

The firing lock ring can be kind of stiff. We noticed it loosened up a little after using it alot but it still can get kind of tricky. We found ourselves unscrewing the bottom cap each time we tried to lock and unlock the ring which could get kind of annoying at times but after a little use you seem to find the trick to it and start to become more accustomed to it. One of the nice features to the locking ring that kind of drowned out our dislike to it was that when you twist the locking ring it pulls the firing button down making it sit flush so you don’t have to worry about misfiring it accidentally. It was designed to be a one twist locking mechanism which is nice when compared to Mods like The Overdose that you have to keep twisting to get it to lock.

What We Did Like With The Tantra


Chillum Tantra Mechanical Mod Engraved LogoAll and all the Tantra is a beautifully crafted innovative Mod that HITS HARD like a freight train. We loved the smoothness of it’s tube. The spring system was something that we have never seen before and is very easy to fire. You can feel the quality of this Mech Mod in your hand when you hold it and it feels like your holding a very expensive Mod of high quality and you actually feel like your holding a device that was developed by skilled craftsmen reminding us of their experience as aerospace engineers. The threading onThe Tantra is very smooth and thick and grips easily. This is easily one of the best Mech Mods that we have seen and we are very excited to see more from Chillum in the future as we feel they have the ability, experience and passion to quickly take over the Vape industry.  If your interested in picking up a high quality Mech Mod for cloud chasing or just looking for something that will last, we are certain you will not be disappointed with The Tantra.


See More on The Tantra Mod


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The AR Vape Mod

ar vape mod

ar vape mod

The AR

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”4″]The AR Vape Mod is one of the newest and most innovative Vape Mods to hit the market.[/wpsm_quote]Designed by TAC MODS to be a replica of the AR15 barrel, the AR has a a very unique and distinctive look to it. The original AR is made using solid stainless steel and has six vent holes on each of its four sides which assists in keeping the battery cool as well as contributing to its stylish looks. The Original AR is proudly manufactured in the United States.

When you first hold the AR, the first thing you will notice is its solid and firm construction. It fits nicely in your hand, and we feel it is perfect for your every day Vape as it it lives up to it’s name and design. The overall construction of the AR Vape Mod is very solid and durable. The top cap of the AR is 22mm and fits perfectly with most atomizers on the market today. Its current designed only permits the use of an 18650 battery, which may be a downside for some, but for those who are already used to using an 18650 for everyday use we feel this will make a perfect fit to your collection. It’s copper contacts ensure quality and long lasting firing. It has a recessed 510 connector and magnetic switch. We were very pleased with the AR and thought it was well crafted.Overall we feel the AR is a beautifully crafted Mod. Its solid and well built. Its unique design and construction make this Mod a must have for any beginner or veteran Vapers looking for a high quality Mod. The quality of the design and materials makes this an excellent  choice that you will not be disappointed with making. If your having difficulty finding the original and want to save a little money there are many cloned versions on the market today and they may be worth considering.