Naked Fish Vape Juice Review

naked-logoYear Established: 2015
Webiste: Naked Fish
Size: 40ml Aluminum bottle
Strengths: 0mg, 3mg & 6mg

Naked Fish vape juice is a premium dripping eJuice.  The names, as you probably already figured out, are all fish based.  They are very high quality and come in a great looking aluminum bottle with a dripper.  Naked Fish use USP Kosher Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.  The nicotine is NicSelect™ Nicotine (from an FDA inspected facility) and are all flavored without the use of diacetyl or diacetyl byproducts.

Naked Fish has built a great set of a nice line of solid flavors – that taste great and build solid vape clouds.  Naked Fish vape juice is made in the USA.


Image of Naked Fish Vape Juice bottles

Review Section – Naked Fish Vape Juice

naked_fish_great_white_01Great White

Fresh and slightly tart key lime pie with a hint of custard, all in a crispy graham cracker crust.
PG/VG:  16/84

Great White starts out with a taste of toasted graham cracker.  At first it almost overpowers the other flavors – and that is when you get your first taste of lime.  And it is sweet, but not over the top.  The exhale is where you will start to get a lick of the custard.

With a mild throat hit and a very solid vapor cloud – this is a great all day option for those who like a good sweet vape.


naked_fish_stingray_01Sting Ray

Sweet berries and peanut butter with a touch of vanilla results in a buttery smooth nutty juice blend.
PG/VG: 32/68

I can’t put my finger on what about this ejuice I like the most.  Some other peanut butter juices I have tried seem so strong – but Sting Ray is just the right amount of nutty taste.  At first – you are not sure if you taste the peanut butter or the vanilla – but then it becomes clear that it is the nuts.  Then, the vanilla overtones come in.  The berries are very subtle and are by no means sweet or overpowering like some berry juices can – Naked Fish gets that combo right here.

The throat hit is bigger than Great White, but not a serious bite.  And still throws a good cloud.



A decadent explosion of vanilla custard swirled together with tasty whipped cream.
PG/VG: 17/83

This is a very smooth ejuice which will probably be considered by some as a desert juice, but I don’t think it is too sweet to go all day.  The vanilla wrapped with custard is the big taste and it really just tastes smooth.  Almost like a quality cheesecake.  It just hangs on your taste buds.  The exhale is where you get a solid taste of the whipped cream – just where you are looking for it.

This is an obvious choice for mods – a juice which produces big vapor clouds for all your coolest tricks and cloud wars.  The throat hit is mild.



A fruity cereal and light vanilla cream blend that is as complex as it is delicious.
PG/VG: 29/71

When I was a kid, my mom used to buy rear cream from a dairy to bake with…when she would get done, she would let me use what was left on my cereal.  Wahoo gives me that feeling again – a big bowl of lucky charms sitting in a great vanilla cream.  The first pull is all about the cereal taste – and when I read there was a cereal juice, I thought it was sketchy.  But this is legit – this vape juice has a very complex taste.  It pulls off the sweet taste by bringing int he cereal taste – and the exhale brings you to the cream you are waiting for.

With a medium throat hit – the clouds may not be as big as Great White or Piranha, but this is a solid eliquid which can stay in the regular rotation.


Honeydew and a variety of other sweet fruits in a tropical medley that dances on your tongue.
PG/VG: 30/70

I get worried when people say they have a melon flavored ejuice, because many brands have one…but Naked Fish has a GOOD one.  If you can tell melon from honeydew, then please leave this one to the rest of us.  The first hit is all Honeydew, not melon…but a nice fresh, green honeydew.  The exhale brings in all the other fruit tastes, but not in a strong way – a softer way.  It is very nice – and again, keeps the super sweet edge off.

The throat hit may be one of the biggest int he Naked Fish line – but it is not too bad over all.  With a solid VG percentage – the cloud is big and rolls on.

Images of Naked Fish Vape Juice bottles with droppers

Space Jam Vape Juice Review

When you choose a name like Space Jam, you either hit it out of the park…or go down in a blaze of glory.  For Space Jam – its the former.  Space Jam has come out firing with unique names and unique flavors.  The names many be fun and funky – but the quality of the eJuice is amazing.

bradn-space-jamSpace Jam Profile

Date Established: 2012
Southern California
Space Jam eLiquid is high quality juice – developed in a GMP and ISO certified laboratory.  Since its beginning, they have built complex flavor profiles unique in the industry.

Size: Space Jam e-liquid comes in 15ml/30ml bottles.
Strengths: Full-range (0mg – 24mg)
PG/VG Options: Mixes vary based on flavors – 40/60 to 50/50



Space Jam E-Juice Flavors:


The one tobacco blend Space Jam has, everyone needs one and it works.  I mean – who mixes vanilla with tobacco?  These guys.  The inhale brings the tobacco flavor and the after taste is where the vanilla lies.  A good mix, but not a hard core tobacco mix.


Venus bucks the “fruit” trend for the 2nd time.  You will not believe the taste – a blend of “golden roasted marshmallows infused with peanut butter, drizzled with caramel and hints of cream.”  Yea – that is straight from Space Jam.  So – what doe sit really taste like?  Its wild – I mean, its an ejuice…but you can really taste this layered flavor.  The peanut butter is the biggest portion – which leads you to the caramel cream.  Some may call this a desert eliquid – but it is not too much for all day use.


Sometimes in vaping, mint means menthol.  This is really mint.  How you can mix watermelon, bubblegum and mint…and make it not taste bad, I’m not sure.  But, I can tell you Space Jam did it with Pluto.  Its so smooth, yet refreshing – with a real hint of mint.  Lots of watermelon and then you get a whiff bubblegum and when its all over – a very subtle mint.


Fresh strawberries with champagne – a morning blend of sports.  This is a simple blend – but so right on.  AS with other Space Jam vape liquids, nothing tastes artificial.  A very nice strawberry taste followed by a refreshing tingle of champagne.  I’m not exactly sure how they pull off the champagne taste – but it works.


So the first thing you need to know is Omega is peachy.  Not your peach candy taste – but more of a full peach pie with ice cream feel.  The peach is dominant in the inhale and the exhale is vanilla.  The only difference between this ejuice and ice cream is this one is less sweet, but so good.


The eJuice that started it for Space Jam.  There is a bunch of pomegranate “blends” on the market – but this mix of blueberries and pomegranate is so good.  The right mix of flavors, without the edge of some of those over flavored, candy tasting juices – this is very smooth.  You get the blueberry on the inhale and cream and pomegranate on the outflow.


Everyone has an apple blend – but I am not sure anyone as thought to bring in peach and strawberries too.  This is a cornucopia of fruit flavor.  This has to be in the top 3 of apple blends you can buy.  The apple is present on the inhale and the peach and strawberry follows.




We we’re recently contacted by Brian with J-Vapes showing interest in having our Review Team test their new E-Liquid Brand. With many new E-Liquid brands emerging on the market today, we we’re interested in seeing what J-Vapes had to offer and s to whether or not they would be able to offer an E-Liquid that could differentiate itself from . We spoke with Brian who seemed very confident that his E-Liquid could stand apart from his competitors and that he was sure once we tried his E-Liquids we would be satisfied with their products. We told him we would be happy to test them out and within three days his products arrived.We we’re given the opportunity to test out eight of E-Liquids,  Abbey Lane, No Worries, Ridin NerdyYellow Sub, Batter Up, Chameleon, Still Fly and Blueberry Crumble. They came neatly packaged in plastic 10 ML dripper bottles. We tested them out on a Pioneer4You IPV2S Box Mod with a IGO-M V2 RDA over the course of several days and here is what we thought.


JVapes describes Abbey Lane as a “sour, fruity, and creamy vape”. We tested it out and our initial taste was that of a juicy, creamy strawberry. The flavor started out intense and then left a smooth after flavor in our mouths. The cloud production was high and it left a beautiful aroma in the air. Each Vape of [wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]Abbey Lane was very enjoyable and produced nice thick satisfying clouds[/wpsm_highlight]. Every now and then we would get a taste similar to a sour apple but it wasn’t consistant and bounced back and forth making us wonder what we would get with our next Vape, making Abbey Lane, in our opinion, a Juice that can leave you pleasantly surprised.


No Worries tasted to us like a smooth Berry Shake. Again, Vapor production was high and each Vape produced nice thick clouds. We found most E-Liquids described as a Berry flavor can be quite sugary in taste. We didnt find that problem with No Worries. It was very smooth and subtle at times and not overpowering like other Berry flavor Vapes we have tried. There wasn’t really an after taste with this one. The liquid is nice and thick and we think this is definately a liquid worth dripping for its optimal potential.


[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]This was our favorite of all the liquids we tried from J-Vapes.[/wpsm_highlight] It has a sweet candy taste to it when you take a Vape and when you exhale it changes to an almost sour candy flavor. The flavor is excellent and intense and it produces billowing clouds. It left our mouths watering for more and we can definitely see this as something we would want to stock up on for an everyday Vape. JVapes is offering this flavor in 30 ML for $9.50 which to us seemed like a great deal for its quality.


Yellow Sub was interesting to us. We couldn’t quite pin point the flavor though. In our opinion, it has subtle hints of berries, cucumbers and melons in it. Its overall vapor production was high and we thought it had a mellow throat hit to it. We would recommend this to anyone who likes Vapes that can be cool and fruity.


Batter Up is best descibed as a creme brulee. flavored thick E-Liquid It has a very smooth custard flavor with sweet vanilla undertones that leaves a sooth creamy vanilla whip creme aftertaste in your mouth. The aroma that it leaves is that of a freshly baked cake. This is another flavor we recommend dripping for its optimal potential as the liquid is nice and thick and has a high vapor production.


Chameleon is a very nicely made Melon flavored E-Liquid. On the inhale we tasted a smooth Honey Dew melon flavor and on the exhale it had a flavor of Cantaloupe to it. It was a very light melon flavored Vape that was very smooth. It had a very mild throat hit to it with high cloud production. It is very mild and didn’t really have an aftertaste or aroma to it. Not bad if your looking for a mellow melon flavored vape to cool your palette.


Now this is excellent Strawberry creme Vape. We can’t express how much we we’re pleased to see a strawberry Vape that was so smooth and not over powering . We found sometimes E-Liquid manufacturers can really ruin they’re E-Liquids when attempting to make fruity flavored Vapes as they often make them too overpowering and sugary. [wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]JVapes mastered this flavor in our opinion and hit the nail right on the head with making Still Fly[/wpsm_highlight] as it had the natural taste of a strawberry to it without being too overpowering. On the inhale we got a nice juicy strawberry flavor  and on the exhale it leveled out with a smooth creme flavor. Well done JVapes and thank you for taking the time in perfecting this mix.


Blueberry Crumble was another awesome Vape. On the inhale, we tasted a sweet cinnamon flavor and on the exhale a flavor of vanilla and blueberry combined. The aroma it left in the air smelled delicious and cloud production was very high. If you like smooth blueberry flavors, we recommend trying Blueberry crumble out.




Overall we were very pleased with our experience with J-Vapes. We thought they were very professional and dedicated to their products. Shipping was extremely fast and their products were packaged neatly with care. The Juices they have crafted we’re high and quality and very thick. They produced a high  amount of vapor and we’re accurately described. They currently offer over 70 different E-Liquids and offer them in 10Ml, 20ML, 30ML and even 120Ml bottles at great prices. We are confident in giving them our seal of approval and are sure that you will be satisfied with the high quality that they produce. They currently have two stores in Prescott, Arizona and a store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you are ever in the area we recommend checking them out and we are looking forward to seeing more great things from JVapes in the future as they are quickly making a name for themselves within the Vape industry.




[wpsm_box type=”info” float=”none” text_align=”left”]
J Vapes Lounge – Prescott, AZ 1201 Iron Springs Rd Suite 9 Prescott, AZ 86305 928-515-2358

[wpsm_box type=”info” float=”none” text_align=”left”]
J Vapes Lounge – Prescott Valley, AZ 3050 Windsong Dr. Suite 106 Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 928-379-6783

[wpsm_box type=”info” float=”none” text_align=”left”]
J Vapes Lounge – Colorado Springs, CO 3924 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80917 719-694-8985





Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors; Dragon and Fury, Reviewed

Dr. Mikes Rad Vapors

We were recently contacted by Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors informing us that they had recently released two new flavors to the market; Dragon and Fury, and were given the opportunity to try these liquids and offer up our review. Since we recently had the opportunity to test their brand in May, and were rather impressed with their line up in liquids , we were pretty excited to see what they had new to offer and whether or not they would stay true to their motto in wanting to produce nothing but high quality E-Liquids, which they make from 100% USP Food grade kosher and  99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We tested both blends on a KTS Mechanical Mod with an X8 Atomizer  over the course of several days, here is what we thought of their new flavors:




We thought Dragon was very well done. With an interesting taste of what we thought to be a very fresh tasting Kiwi, Pear and a Grape flavor , Dragon was like a sucking on a multi flavored jolly rancher with a smooth creamy after taste. Vapor production was mellow and smooth with just the right amount of a throat hit to it. This was a very fresh an interesting Vape and was unlike any other Liquid we have had the opportunity to test thus far.


Fury is described as a Banana cream flavor and we thought it accurately described. Dr. Mikes sets the bar high for anyone trying to replicate the flavor of a Banana Milk shake in an E-Liquid with their launch of Fury. Each Vape to us started out with a smooth creamy taste of a Banana Milk shake which seemed to intensify mid Vape, only to smooth itself back out with the after taste. Fury is  sweet, smooth and creamy, all at the same time without becoming over bearing and we think will definitely impress anyone who is looking for a new and interesting flavor to try.



 [quote_box_center]Overall we were very pleased with the samples we were sent. They were shipped rather quickly, neatly packaged and accurately described. Every experience with Dr Mike’s Rad Vapors, to date, has been very pleasant and we have been unable to find any complaint with their customer service or products. We are extremely confident in recommending this company to anyone in the market for high quality E-Liquids. Great Job Dr. Mike’s, keep them coming.[/quote_box_center]

For more information and to check out Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid visit:

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors
9260-1/2 Hall Road
Downey, CA. 90241



Twisted Liquidz Reviewed

Twisted liquidz

Twisted Liquidz

We were recently contacted by Twisted Liquidz to sample and write an honest review of their current line up of E-Liquids which they describe as “Max VG”  made by using VG based nicotine. They informed us all of their products are made in small batches and are steeped for a minimum of one month before they leave the manufacturing facility. Upon informing them that we would be pleased to review their products and put them to the test, they promptly shipped out their E-Liquids and we received them rather quickly. They arrived neatly packaged, each bottle appearing to be professionally sealed.  When we unsealed each bottle were were rather pleased with the intense aroma that emanated from each bottle and thought the aromas accurately presented themselves as each flavor was described. We decided to test each flavor on a Sigelei Legend with a i-Clear 30s tank and here is what we thought :



Described by Twisted Liquidz as “An icy cold peppermint with a dark, creamy exhale”, we found this to be an accurate description. Each Vape produced a nice thick cloud that reminded us tasting a smooth peppermint candy without it becoming overbearing. We were rather pleased with the vapor production and the after taste was quite smooth and refreshing

.Twisted Liquidz



Wow. Friction was rather impressive we thought, from the aroma, vapor production to the sweet and tangy sensation it left on our palettes after each Vape. Each Vape presented itself with a very pleasant taste of a tangy citrusy flavor. The aftertaste was very pleasing and left us wanting more. We were very pleased with Friction and would definitely recommend trying this flavor to anyone who is a fan of  Citrus flavored E-Liquids.

twisted liquidz




Another win for Twisted Liquidz. Cyclone we felt to be described best as a  very creamy, berry flavored E-Liquid. Again, vapor production was high with this one. We found each Vape had initial intense pleasing burst of berry flavor that quickly turned into a creamy flavor that left a very smooth aftertaste, almost yogurt like.

twisted liquidz



We were unsure what to think with Vortex as it has a pretty interesting taste. Initially we thought it to be a Melon flavor but each Vape left us tasting something a little different. Each Vape had an interesting blend of sweet, sour and bitterness to it. Cloud production was high and the aftertaste had a subtle melon zing to it.

twisted Liquidz


twisted liquidzOverall

We were rather pleased with the flavors offered by Twisted Liquidz and would like to see more flavors from them in the future. Their E-Liquids have a taste of quality and passion to them and the Vapor production they produce is rather impressive. Cyclone and Friction were our top picks and we even found these two flavors blended nicely if you mix them together at a 50/50 mix. We definately recommend trying these flavors to anyone looking for a new brand to test out.


For more information on Twisted Liquidz check out:

Vicious Vapors


Lick Brand Vapors E-Liquid

E-Liquid Review

Lick Brand E-Liquid Review

Lick Brand is is an American-based, premium E-Liquid distributor based in beautiful southern California. Their current e-juice line boasts 8 unique flavors, including Monroe, Sunshine, Pink Mist, Pina Colada, Luscious, Calypso and Blend No. 9. Lick Brand offers sleek 5mL or 30mL cobalt glass bottles with phenolic cone lined caps and labels come in a glossy finish. These juices feature a 60/40 VG/PG blend and offers a variety of nicotine strength from 0.0% up to 1.8% to suit a variety of needs and tastes.

We were contacted by Lick Brand E-Liquids founders Ashley and Cassia and they asked for a review of their E-Liquid Brand . They shipped their line of 8 flavors rather quickly to us and they were packaged nicely. Their bottles were nicely designed with a yellow label on a bright blue bottle.

We sampled all 8 flavors sent to us on a Innokin VTR with an i-Clear 30s over the course of several days, heres what we thought:


Blend No. 9: This was a very light and smooth Flavor we thought. It had smooth notes of tobacco, amaretto and white chocolate. After each Vape we noticed the flavor left a nice after taste that built up and we were pleased with this flavor.

Calypso : Calypso had a very strong intense aroma as soon as we opened the bottle which we were very pleased with. They say this is a Lemonade,Strawberry and Watermelon flavor mixture. We were able to taste all three flavors nicely with this liquid and thought this to be a very accurate description. Our personal opinion was that the Strawberry flavor was morenoticeable then the Lemonade or Watermelon flavor, but they were definitely present.  If your looking around to try a new Strawberry flavor, this may be the one for you.

Monroe:  Again, a very intense aroma as soon as you open the bottle. This flavor Lick describes as a “Fruity” flavor, and we think this was accurately described. Monroe had a very unique flavor to us in which we were able to taste notes of Peach, Apple, and hints of Strawberry. It is a nicely done fruit flavor with a nice, high Vapor production.

Pina Colada: . This was our favorite by Lick Brand. Pina Colada we thought was nicely one. As soon a we opened the bottle we were able to smell strong aroma of Coconut and Pineapple. We started Vaping this flavor and were pretty impressed by it as it had a nice blend of both Pineapple and Coconut to it that produced a decent amount of vapor. Each Vape left a smooth aftertaste on our palettes which reminded us of a nice tropical flavor. Anyone looking to pick-up a Pina Colada flavored E-Liquid is encouraged to try this Liquid.

Pink Mist: Lick Brand Vapors describes Pink Mist as a “Icy Dragon fruit with a tropical twist”. In our thoughts, it is a nicely done blend of what tastes and smells like Apple and Strawberry with hints of what almost tasted like Kiwi and Pear. Not a bad flavor if your looking for something with a fruity kick to it.

Sunshine: Sunshine, to us, was a very cool Melon flavor with aftertastes of sweet Melon. Definitely a unique Mix, we found ourselves really enjoying this Vape. The aroma we thought was intense right out of the bottle and each Vape had a smooth lingering aftertaste, which we were not disappointed with. Vapor production was high and overall we thought this was a very accurately described, pleasant Vape that we would recommend trying if your into Melon Flavors.

Half Moon: Half Moon, we thought, was a very minty, refreshing flavor with notes of a warm sweet butter rum to it. The Taste of this Liquid was a unique and overall, not bad.

Luscious: Luscious we thought tastes and smells like a very creamy, sweet Blueberry flavor. It was very smooth from first Vape and we thought they added just the right amount of Blueberry flavoring to it so it didn’t become overbearing. Again, Vapor production was high with this blend and overall, we thought this was a nicely done blend that we recommend.


To order online or find retail locations, please visit and don’t  forget to follow their Facebook page for upcoming promos by going to lickbrandvapors.

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors Review

Dr Mikes Rad Vapors E-Liquid


When we were contacted by Dr. Michael K. Gauthier of Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors with an offer to sample their E-Liquids, we jumped at the chance to try out their line up and offer our review. First impressions revealed a fine-tuned knowledge of the art of e-liquid, as well as dedication to a finely crafted product. They demonstrate motivation and drive to create and provide quality liquids, as expressed in their motto proclaiming their liquids are built with quality from the very beginning. We were excited to receive their latest E-Liquid line and put it to the test.

As a testament to their standards of service, we received their product quickly and without hassle, neatly and safely packaged in the box. E-liquids arrived in glass dropper bottles, which we’ll admit that we dropped a few times to test the quality of construction; they did not break. Their labels are nicely designed and appear to be durable, appealing to the eye and adding to the overall packaging. In sum, packaging and construction nicely done and we couldn’t come up with any complaints in this department.

We were able to sample 8 unique offerings from the Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors e-lqiuid line: Bliss, Chocolate Bacon, Delight, Fortune, Melon-Q, Mirage, Teachers Pet and Vertigo. All flavors were tested on a Sigelei Legend with an i-Clear 30s. We are pleased to share our review! Heres how they held up:



Bliss: Our first impression of Bliss was that it held true to it’s description; this flavor was designed to be an accurate combination of Peach and Watermelon and we were able to distinctively taste both in this liquid. Bliss is a Limited Editionliquid which is takes about 6 weeks to prepare and for which the ingredients are special ordered and imported from Italy. Sweet without being overpowering, we recommend trying it if you have the chance, well worth it in our opinion.

Chocolate Bacon : This was our favorite of all the liquid we were offered, and you could smell the deliciousness as soon as you opened the bottle. Chocolate Bacon starts off with a strong taste of chocolate, eventually blending into a subtle after-tone of bacon. Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors has easily made this trendy treat vapeable! We couldn’t get enough and would definitely recommend to any one looking to try unique or savory flavors.

Delight: We thought Delight is best described as a taste that is an interesting mixture of pear and grape. The Pear flavor in it was very unique and complimentary to the lingering grape

Fortune: . The taste was sweet but not “fragrancy” at all and was very balanced. This liquid was designed to be a Lychee flavor, and in our opinion, they seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this one. Well done Dr. Mikes.

Melon-Q: This was an interesting flavor. It was a combination of sweet fruit juiciness with cucumber, slightly watery taste. This is a flavor that grew on us over time, with our favorite aspect being that it was a very refreshing. A variety of flavors were present and we feel that each palette will have a different experience with this. It is recommended for anyone searching for a refreshing light melon flavor.

Mirage: Mirage has a fresh Apple flavor with plentiful fruitiness to it. The Apple flavor was right where it should be, not too strong and not too light. It kept our mouths watering for more and was very juicy without overpowering the senses. We felt the apple flavor stood out nicely without getting lost in the myriad of background notes.

Teachers Pet: This flavor was a nice strong mix. It had a beautifully crafted flavor of green apple, reminding us of a green apple lollipop without being all of the clenching bitter or sugar. It was a definitely a pleasant experience and if your looking for a candied green apple flavor this flavor is worth a try.

Vertigo: Vertigo gave us a surprise, as it is better than your “Average” vanilla flavored e-liquid. It was a a smooth experience that produced thick and smooth vapor. Add to this the lingering background notes of marshmellow and caramel, and this is a winner. This flavor was very creamy, sweet, milky and soft to our taste buds. If you like Vanilla, this flavor is definitely recommended.


Overall, we had a very pleasant experience sampling Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid. They were quick to respond to us, shipping was fast and their products represented the flavors they described very accurately. We did not taste an e-liquid that we did not like and have now even found a few that we would consider keeping as daily vapes. Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors follows through on their quest to produce and distribute quality products; we would recommend Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors to anyone shopping around for new E-Liquids to try.


We Recommend

For more information and to check out Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid visit:

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors
9260-1/2 Hall Road
Downey, CA. 90241