How to Build a Coil on the Smoktech RSST by VapingwithTwisted420

In this video, VapingwithTwisted420 will show you how to rebuild a SmokeTech RSST Genesis style tank.


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The Feinger Reviewed

The Feinger
We here at Vape Mod Reviews were given the opportunity to test a highly unique product, a departure from the string of e-juice and mod accessories we have become accustomed to: The Feinger.
At first glance, this neat little product seems to have little relevance to the vape mod world; in fact, the product appears to be firstly marketed towards mobile device users. However, one can see how the The Feinger itself can be “modded” to suit even the casual vape customers needs.Greasy hands or fumbling fingers? Never more! The Feinger prides itself on its ability to provide “Hands Freedom”, allowing you to handle your mod with ease and preventing any disastrous drop-and-break scenarios. By using the Knuckle Sleeve as demonstrated below, you reduce the risk of breaking your beloved device.
 The Feinger offers a variety of uses well beyond the Knuckle Sleeve; an optional lanyard lets you hang your mod around your neck….no more misplacing your vape machine! The uniquely designed Unimount provides even more versatility: the sticker back lets you place a “base” anywhere you’d like your vape mod to call home. Anywhere you can stick the Unimount is anywhere you can house your mod.We admit: this product may not be for everyone. The greatest limitation we have discovered is the lack of versatility beyond “box-style” mods, like the VTR or MVP, as it requires a flat surface for use. We are hopeful that The Feinger will continue to evolve and eventually include integration for other style mods as well.





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Lick Brand E-Liquid Review

Lick Brand is is an American-based, premium E-Liquid distributor based in beautiful southern California. Their current e-juice line boasts 8 unique flavors, including Monroe, Sunshine, Pink Mist, Pina Colada, Luscious, Calypso and Blend No. 9. Lick Brand offers sleek 5mL or 30mL cobalt glass bottles with phenolic cone lined caps and labels come in a glossy finish. These juices feature a 60/40 VG/PG blend and offers a variety of nicotine strength from 0.0% up to 1.8% to suit a variety of needs and tastes.

We were contacted by Lick Brand E-Liquids founders Ashley and Cassia and they asked for a review of their E-Liquid Brand . They shipped their line of 8 flavors rather quickly to us and they were packaged nicely. Their bottles were nicely designed with a yellow label on a bright blue bottle.

We sampled all 8 flavors sent to us on a Innokin VTR with an i-Clear 30s over the course of several days, heres what we thought:


Blend No. 9: This was a very light and smooth Flavor we thought. It had smooth notes of tobacco, amaretto and white chocolate. After each Vape we noticed the flavor left a nice after taste that built up and we were pleased with this flavor.

Calypso : Calypso had a very strong intense aroma as soon as we opened the bottle which we were very pleased with. They say this is a Lemonade,Strawberry and Watermelon flavor mixture. We were able to taste all three flavors nicely with this liquid and thought this to be a very accurate description. Our personal opinion was that the Strawberry flavor was more noticeable then the Lemonade or Watermelon flavor, but they were definitely present.  If your looking around to try a new Strawberry flavor, this may be the one for you.

Monroe: We thought Delight is best described as a taste that is an interesting mixture of pear and grape. The Pear flavor in it was very unique and complimentary to the lingering grape

Pina Colada: . The taste was sweet but not “fragrancy” at all and was very balanced. This liquid was designed to be a Lychee flavor, and in our opinion, they seemed to have hit the nail on the head with this one. Well done Dr. Mikes.

Pink Mist: This was an interesting flavor. It was a combination of sweet fruit juiciness with cucumber, slightly watery taste. This is a flavor that grew on us over time, with our favorite aspect being that it was a very refreshing. A variety of flavors were present and we feel that each palette will have a different experience with this. It is recommended for anyone searching for a refreshing light melon flavor.

Sunshine: Mirage has a fresh Apple flavor with plentiful fruitiness to it. The Apple flavor was right where it should be, not too strong and not too light. It kept our mouths watering for more and was very juicy without overpowering the senses. We felt the apple flavor stood out nicely without getting lost in the myriad of background notes.

Half Moon: This flavor was a nice strong mix. It had a beautifully crafted flavor of green apple, reminding us of a green apple lollipop without being all of the clenching bitter or sugar. It was a definitely a pleasant experience and if your looking for a candied green apple flavor this flavor is worth a try.

Luscious: Vertigo gave us a surprise, as it is better than your “Average” vanilla flavored e-liquid. It was a a smooth experience that produced thick and smooth vapor. Add to this the lingering background notes of marshmellow and caramel, and this is a winner. This flavor was very creamy, sweet, milky and soft to our taste buds. If you like Vanilla, this flavor is definitely recommended.

Overall we had a very pleasant experience sampling Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid. They were quick to respond to us, shipping was fast and their products represented the flavors they described very accurately. We did not taste an e-liquid that we did not like and have now even found a few that we would consider keeping as daily vapes. Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors follows through on their quest to produce and distribute quality products; we would recommend Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors to anyone shopping around for new E-Liquids to try.


To order online or find retail locations, please visit and don’t  forget to follow their Facebook page for upcoming promos by going to lickbrandvapors.

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