Vanilla Copper Mod

vanilla copper mod

vanilla copper mod

A Comprehensive Review of the Vanilla Copper Mod

[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”5″]The Vanilla Copper Mod can be considered one of the most popular and most beautifully crafted Mechanical Copper Mods we have seen so far this year. We were very impressed with the beauty of this Mod and were pleased to review it[/wpsm_quote]
The design of the Vanilla Copper Mod is one of refined quality. It has solid copper tubes with top caps and brass bottom as well as copper contacts ensuring a longer lifespan then most Mechanical Mods that are being produced today. The threads on the Vanilla Copper Mod durable and, we found, hard to cross thread. The body of the tube is smooth and almost flawless with a brilliant shine to it.Due to its solid quality, nice engraving and smooth threads, you can be sure that Vanilla Copper Mod is the an excellent choice to consider we feel when shopping for a high quality copper Mod.

If you are one of those people who are searching for the elite copper mod, you don’t need to look any further since Vanilla Copper Mod is the ultimate choice that you should take into account. In line with this, Vanilla Copper Mod  comes with different sizes of tubes and at the same time ships from the United States of America. In order for you to be familiar with Vanilla Copper Mod, here are some of the exceptional features of Vanilla Copper Mod that you should know and learn more about. Check this out:

Features of Vanilla Copper Mod

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  • Features an engraved switch and is serialized
  • Adjustable throw button with lock ring
  • Copper pins with excellent telescoping firing pin
  • 22mm diameter
  • 18350 and 18650 tubes
  • Bottom caps and brass top with copper contacts
  • Copper body




[wpsm_highlight color=”yellow”]If you are looking for a high quality Copper Mod, the Vanilla is worth considering. We found the Vanilla Copper Mod to be sleek, durable and that it performed well. It’s beautiful design is very aesthetically pleasing and its design and diameter makes it easy to hold. We feel that anyone purchasing the Vanilla Copper Mod will not be disappointed with their decision.[/wpsm_highlight]

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Smok Magneto Mechanical Mod

smok magneto mod

smok magneto mod

TheSmok Magneto Mod and Its Amazing Functionality


[wpsm_quote author=”” float=”left” width=”34%”]The Smok Magneto Mod has become one of the most preferred Mechanical Mods for its price on the market.[/wpsm_quote] The mod is designed with very sturdy structure, while containing some excellent brass link for RBAs as well as other tanks. To those people, who are looking for a long lasting, strong and affordable mechanical mod, this product from Smoktech is certainly a great choice.


Features of the Magneto

The Magneto apparently acquires its name from the integrated magnetic activation switch that is located at the device’s bottom. This concept is pretty simple. You need to put 2 strong magnets with equal polarities facing each other, so the typical switch’s position will separate the contacts.

Consequently, you will obtain the amazingly smooth button operation, which you simply don’t get from the spring-loaded switch. Such button is sufficiently stiff to avoid unintentionally firing through putting the mod vertically. The reverse-threaded collar is surrounding the button for avoiding accidental misfiring. At first, it is a bit counterintuitive, having loosed the collar to propel it up and allow the button along with the typical tightening coil to bring down the collar on the button.

Of course, this prevents you from opening accentually its switch assembly if all you are trying to do is to activate it. To access the components of the switch, the bottom part unscrews.

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  • The body of the product comes with brushed stainless steel finish.
  • It comes with completely magnetic switch bottom firing button, which provides longer life compared to spring-loaded switches
  • Its 510 threaded with air portals provide compatibility with flush-sitting tanks
  • For better firing and conductivity, brass connections are provided
  • The telescoping body fits 18650, 18500 and 18350 LiMh batteries
  • It also comes with 18500 and 18350 flat top batteries. It fits with several different sizes of battery due to the included extender sleeve



Rather than removing the device’s switch assembly to reach the battery, either the telescoping cap on the bottom or top cap may be unscrewed to access the battery tube. The telescopic center tube enables the Magneto to hold several sizes of battery.

Using the Smok Magneto Mod has been quite low maintenance and straight-forward. You will find this mod very pleasant and easy to use. Perhaps, it is not as attractive as other expensive pieces, but its no-frills design and simplicity are the main reasons why you would want to keep using this device. So, if you are planning to purchase your very first mechanical, or simply looking for an affordable device that really works, you might find it hard to ignore the excellence of Smok Magneto Mod. Check it out now and see what others are talking about it.



The Maraxus Mod

maraxus mod

Maraxus Mod

Among the best brands of a Vape products on the market today is the Maraxus Mod. The Maraxus Mod, we feel, will never disappoint you if you are in search of a high quality, unique and aesthetically pleasing Mod.  The original Maraxus Mod is a Vape Mod made from the Philippines that is comprised of various parts that can be reorganized in order to form various-looking device. While we know there may be a little bit of controversy surrounding clones in the Vape world, we found that most of the clones on the market today strike a high resemblance to the original. The two tone color and styling of the Maraxus gives this Mod a sort of a transformer like feel. We were unable to find any structural need for the pertruding sides other then they give the Mod itself a nice grip to hold on to. 

Features of Maraxus Mod

  • Completely mechanical
  • Collapsible and telescopic mod
  • Made from 316 surgical stainless brass and steel body
  • Mirror-finished body
  • 6 lower wire-cute spikes in addition to 4 upper strikes for stylish appearance and better handle
  • 510 threading
  • The parts of a Maraxus Mod can be manipulated in order to attain the preferred design
  • Black Derlin insulator
  • 8 well-connected vent holes for improved body insulation
  • Larger pins are included for lower voltage drop
  • Soft-touch firing button
  • Automatic adjustment within its upper pins (in order to avoid misfire)
  • Lower pins and upper pins are made from copper


The excellent power-efficiency degree of the Maraxus makes it even more reliable and popular compared to other Mods on the market these days. The mixture of surgical stainless brass and steel in its body makes Maraxus Mod extremely compatible and attractive to people who want to invest their money in good quality and durable Vape Mod . The amazing features of this product make it one of the most excellent mechanical mods for vapers all over the world. In addition, the presence of the small case in the complete package of Maraxus Mod makes it simpler to carry wherever you go – even at home or at your office. It is compatable with almost every 1800 style battery out there which makes it able to be easily shruken down if you are used to a more compact Vape.

For people who are searching for excellent and affordable Vape Mod , The Maraxus Mod is highly recommended . The company who manufactured this product guarantees the users that they will be satisfied and pleased with the results.  If you are looking for a high quality and affordable vape mod , then choose The Maraxus Mod and we feel you won’t be disappointed.


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Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors; Dragon and Fury, Reviewed

Dr. Mikes Rad Vapors

We were recently contacted by Dr. Mike’s Rad Vapors informing us that they had recently released two new flavors to the market; Dragon and Fury, and were given the opportunity to try these liquids and offer up our review. Since we recently had the opportunity to test their brand in May, and were rather impressed with their line up in liquids , we were pretty excited to see what they had new to offer and whether or not they would stay true to their motto in wanting to produce nothing but high quality E-Liquids, which they make from 100% USP Food grade kosher and  99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine. We tested both blends on a KTS Mechanical Mod with an X8 Atomizer  over the course of several days, here is what we thought of their new flavors:




We thought Dragon was very well done. With an interesting taste of what we thought to be a very fresh tasting Kiwi, Pear and a Grape flavor , Dragon was like a sucking on a multi flavored jolly rancher with a smooth creamy after taste. Vapor production was mellow and smooth with just the right amount of a throat hit to it. This was a very fresh an interesting Vape and was unlike any other Liquid we have had the opportunity to test thus far.


Fury is described as a Banana cream flavor and we thought it accurately described. Dr. Mikes sets the bar high for anyone trying to replicate the flavor of a Banana Milk shake in an E-Liquid with their launch of Fury. Each Vape to us started out with a smooth creamy taste of a Banana Milk shake which seemed to intensify mid Vape, only to smooth itself back out with the after taste. Fury is  sweet, smooth and creamy, all at the same time without becoming over bearing and we think will definitely impress anyone who is looking for a new and interesting flavor to try.



 [quote_box_center]Overall we were very pleased with the samples we were sent. They were shipped rather quickly, neatly packaged and accurately described. Every experience with Dr Mike’s Rad Vapors, to date, has been very pleasant and we have been unable to find any complaint with their customer service or products. We are extremely confident in recommending this company to anyone in the market for high quality E-Liquids. Great Job Dr. Mike’s, keep them coming.[/quote_box_center]

For more information and to check out Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid visit:

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors E-Liquid

Dr. Mike’s RAD Vapors
9260-1/2 Hall Road
Downey, CA. 90241



Twisted Liquidz Reviewed

Twisted liquidz

Twisted Liquidz

We were recently contacted by Twisted Liquidz to sample and write an honest review of their current line up of E-Liquids which they describe as “Max VG”  made by using VG based nicotine. They informed us all of their products are made in small batches and are steeped for a minimum of one month before they leave the manufacturing facility. Upon informing them that we would be pleased to review their products and put them to the test, they promptly shipped out their E-Liquids and we received them rather quickly. They arrived neatly packaged, each bottle appearing to be professionally sealed.  When we unsealed each bottle were were rather pleased with the intense aroma that emanated from each bottle and thought the aromas accurately presented themselves as each flavor was described. We decided to test each flavor on a Sigelei Legend with a i-Clear 30s tank and here is what we thought :



Described by Twisted Liquidz as “An icy cold peppermint with a dark, creamy exhale”, we found this to be an accurate description. Each Vape produced a nice thick cloud that reminded us tasting a smooth peppermint candy without it becoming overbearing. We were rather pleased with the vapor production and the after taste was quite smooth and refreshing

.Twisted Liquidz



Wow. Friction was rather impressive we thought, from the aroma, vapor production to the sweet and tangy sensation it left on our palettes after each Vape. Each Vape presented itself with a very pleasant taste of a tangy citrusy flavor. The aftertaste was very pleasing and left us wanting more. We were very pleased with Friction and would definitely recommend trying this flavor to anyone who is a fan of  Citrus flavored E-Liquids.

twisted liquidz




Another win for Twisted Liquidz. Cyclone we felt to be described best as a  very creamy, berry flavored E-Liquid. Again, vapor production was high with this one. We found each Vape had initial intense pleasing burst of berry flavor that quickly turned into a creamy flavor that left a very smooth aftertaste, almost yogurt like.

twisted liquidz



We were unsure what to think with Vortex as it has a pretty interesting taste. Initially we thought it to be a Melon flavor but each Vape left us tasting something a little different. Each Vape had an interesting blend of sweet, sour and bitterness to it. Cloud production was high and the aftertaste had a subtle melon zing to it.

twisted Liquidz


twisted liquidzOverall

We were rather pleased with the flavors offered by Twisted Liquidz and would like to see more flavors from them in the future. Their E-Liquids have a taste of quality and passion to them and the Vapor production they produce is rather impressive. Cyclone and Friction were our top picks and we even found these two flavors blended nicely if you mix them together at a 50/50 mix. We definately recommend trying these flavors to anyone looking for a new brand to test out.


For more information on Twisted Liquidz check out:

Vicious Vapors


How to Build a Coil on the Smoktech RSST by VapingwithTwisted420

In this video, VapingwithTwisted420 will show you how to rebuild a SmokeTech RSST Genesis style tank.


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